American Friends of Augustine College

Summer 2010


Dear Friend,


American Friends of Augustine College is entering its third year of service to Augustine College.  We have sponsored a wide range of activities to promote the college and have raised a substantial amount of monies to provide material support to the college.  

Our organization is run strictly by volunteers.  Mike Peil donates his time as our treasurer. He is a busy pulmonologist.  George Rock, our accountant, runs a busy practice and donates his time in preparing our tax documents. Each of the board members has directly supported a promotional event for the college and received no re-imbursement for it. A number of graduates also donated their time to support the college this spring.  I am composing this account for you in between seeing patients in a busy practice.  My conversations with college representatives are often from the car driving between hospitals.  

What does this mean for you?  Well, for one thing, every dollar that you contribute goes to the material support of the college.  Because of the commitment of our board, every event in the US supporting the college is supported by contributions from the board. The monies you give go directly to support of the college and the professors.  

One of the creative ways we help the college is through the Professors Fund for St. Timothy’s Classical School.  Many professors and staff send their children to St. Timothy’s-- ten children this year.  Because we are an American organization, we can donate monies to that school for the support of students of our college staff at considerable tax advantage.  This allows supporting our staff at a proportionally higher level. We will give $10,000 to that fund in 2010. 

As you are aware the college is full to capacity this fall, necessitating a change of location in Ottawa.  I believe your efforts through American Friends have helped make that happen.  Many challenges remain.  The college will need a permanent location.  This will require more support.  Retention and recruitment of the best staff to serve the collegium at the college is a need and will require more support.

Our goal for 2010 is to raise 75,000 USD for the support of the college. Won’t you help us by contributing during our summer campaign? Give as you are able, recognizing the need and the great benefit Augustine College provides in awakening and nurturing Christian minds.

In Christ,

C. Ross Betts

President, American Friends of Augustine College

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