American Friends of Augustine College

American Friends of Augustine College is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to the promotion and benefit of Augustine College in Ottawa, Canada. Our purpose is two-fold: we promote awareness of the college in the US, with the aim of recruiting students from the States.  And we raise money in the U.S. to supplement the costs of the educational program at the college.

Augustine College offers an opportunity for dedicated students to gain exposure to the basic foundations of Western intellectual and cultural tradition.  This entails attention to Hebrew and Greek thought, as modified by the Church over the past 2000 years. Augustine's aim is to explore at an advanced level the foundational writers, works, concepts, and theories on which Christian civilization depends.  Its programme targets academically keen and capable students.  The course of study is one-year.  During this time, the college aspires to impart concrete gains in knowledge, such as the capacity to read Latin and familiarity with some key texts & transitions in the history of Christian civilization. More generally, Augustine also provides a coherent picture--not a piecemeal collage--of the story of history as it unfolds in music, in art & literature, in theology & philosophy, and in mathematics & science.






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