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“Behold, and again see if you can.  Certainly you love only the good, because the earth is good by the height of its mountains, the moderate elevation of its hills, the evenness of its fields; and good is the farm that is pleasant and fertile; and good is the house that is arranged throughout in symmetrical proportions and is spacious and bright; and good are the animals, animate bodies; and good is the mild and salubrious air; and good is the food that is pleasant and conducive to health; and good is health without pains and weariness; and good is the countenance of man with regular features, a cheerful expression, and a glowing color; and good is the soul of a friend with the sweetness of concord and the fidelity of love; and good is the just man; and good are the riches because they readily assist us; and good is the heaven with its own sun, moon and stars; and good are the angels by their holy obedience; and good is the lecture that graciously instructs and suitably admonishes the listener; and good is the poem with its measured rhythm and the seriousness of its thoughts.”

Augustine, De Trinitate


Tour of Augustine College

A video posted on youtube of a tour of the college during a break in class in September, 2007


"If people could know the potential Augustine has to change them, the school would be bursting at the seams.  The classes at Augustine have shown me more errors in my thinking about God, goodness, and life than in my seven years of higher education.  Finding people who are both spiritually vital and intellectually rigorous is a difficult task, but the students and faculty here have defied all odds. While the courses are demanding, I love doing the work.  It doesn't feel like drudgery to me, as my biology classes did and the material is infinitely more useful.  The school has given me a new interest in art, a sense of Western history, and a theological makeover.  I am looking forward to the rest of the semester."

Jenny Holmes, Medical Student, UT-Southwestern, Augustine student 2007-8


Augustine College Promo

A video that explains the nature of Augustine college as a one-year alternative Christian, liberal arts school.

Augustine Promo, part II

A video explaining the program offered at the school.


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